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We take the guesswork out of your training. Functional Patterns can help you build a functioning body and prevent injuries by focusing on training in accordance to the Big 4 of human movement, Standing/Walking/Running/Throwing. These movement patterns apply to everyone at every level of fitness. Whether you are an athlete trying to improve or someone looking to move pain free, we all operate by the same rules.

We Are the Only certified
functional patterns facility in arizona
Building sustainable humans, to help build a sustainable society.
Building sustainable humans,
to help build a sustainable society.

What should you
expect from training?

Functional Patterns differs from other modalities as it takes a first principles approach to optimizing the body. We address how your body moves through space as well as how your body handles the stressors of your environment (i.e. diet/food, work, light, etc.) All sessions with include some combination of soft tissue work, postural and corrective exercises, and dynamic movements.

Benefits of training

Real World Results

Functional Patterns trains the body in an integrative way that does not compromise health and function over traditional strength training methods that have a high incidence of injury and stress on muscles, joints and can lead to long term effects that are degenerative to the body. This integration helps to build full body strength that cannot compare with traditional training methods.


Lumbar Scoliosis, lower back
pain improvements

Scapular wing improvements, shoulder and
back pain improvements

Cervical herniation/bulging discs, neck pain and back pain improvements


Here at Functional Patterns Arizona, we focus solely one-on-one training in order to address your individual movement dysfunctions through a combination of myofascial releases, corrective exercises and dynamics. Posture and gait are analyzed regularly to further correct movement patterns.

We offer a variety of training packages to suit your schedule and training needs.

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One-On-One Training
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Level 3
One-On-One Training
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What clients have to say…

Functional Patterns is the best method of training to eliminate and prevent joint pain. Just finished 6 months of one on one sessions with Christopher and will be signing up for 6 more months. Also recommend the 10 week online program.

― Travis

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All of our trainers are certified Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Specialists and train exclusively with the Functional Patterns methodology.

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